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Aldo Domani Torino Pen and Leather Pouch Set -Black

TORINO™ is a luxury ballpoint pen created by the ALDO DOMANI™ Design Group. As an added bonus, Torino™ includes a custom-made genuine leather case for storage and protection. The Torino™ Ballpoint Pen offers all of today's best technologies. It features an ultra-convenient twist mechanism, and is easily convertible to a rollerball pen.

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Aldo Domani Sportivo Pen

Aldo Domani Sportive ballpoint pen. High gloss enamel lacquer over solid brass finish for lasting quality. Sporty design takes you where you're going in style and makes a great fashion gift. Accepts Monteverde (P1) and (P4) refills.

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Aldo Domani Basic 3 pc Set Mini/Ballpoint/Rollerball Pen, Classic Colors, Red

Aldo Domani - 3 matching pens in a beautiful box!

• A luxury set of 3 matching pens in a beautiful gift box.
• These high-quality pens are durable and long-lasting.
• Pens are finished in hand-applied lacquer over brass with chrome trim for long-lasting use.
• Refillable for continued use.

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